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The Ultra Large Crude Carrier is a ship in Shipping Lanes.


The Ultra Large Crude Carrier, or ULCC, family is a class of oil tankers that covers a wide range of crude oil-carrying vessels. Often referred to as "Supertankers", the vessels exhibit much larger size than their Very Large Crude Carrier cousins (as a reference, the enormous Seawise-Giant is considered as a ULCC), and have massive capacities coming with this size. They journey for around 70 days per journey, and can carry around 2 million barrels of oil (compared to the UK's oil consumption in 2009 of 1.6 million barrels, that's a 125% difference). Owing to their size, the ships cannot enter ports fully loaded, but pump their cargo to smaller oil tankers at lightering points off-coast.

In-game, the behemoth ULCC costs an astounding $47,000,000, quite clearly justified by its large capacity. Of course, its size comes at a price, in this case, an incredibly slow speed of 17 knots. It is commonly seen moving between Emerald Harbor and Newhaven. After the 1.6 update, the ship carries almost as much oil as the Seawise Giant before the update.

As with every other oil tanker, the profit varies as the live market changes, which can yield more or less profitable shipments.


Being an oil tanker, it's only able to load crude oil at pipelines.

Real Life[]

the TI-Europe (now Europe)

The ship is based on the TI-Class Supertanker owned by Euronav and built by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, the first ULCC vessels to be built in 25 years and also one of the biggest, superseded only by Seawise Giant. They are too large to transit the new Panama Canal locks and the Suez Canal unless on a ballast voyage.

Currently there are two ships in active service: Europe, Oceania. And two ships serving as floating storage: FSO Africa, FSO Asia.

However, all four of them are now floating storage facilities.


  • The ship's new design is based on real-life ULCC TI-class.
  • The ULCC and Seawise Giant are the only ULCCs in the game.
  • The ULCC is the largest oil tanker that can fit in the Emerald Canal fully loaded.